3…I Mean 4 Steps To Create A Website

Sometimes opportunity is handed to you and sometimes it is thrust upon you. Those of us with the “I can do that better” attitude are never afraid of either type of opportunity…sometimes.
Recently, the collection of various hats that we wear gained more members.

The underlying problem?
Any company in 2015 (and arguably the last quarter century) requires a savvy marketing department and a very strong web presence. Add to that mix various social media sites, continuous activity to keep those sites crisp as well as any other actions to “spread the word” and promote your company’s brand. Unfortunately, when any or all of these components are missing, increasing the bottom line becomes even more difficult. Growth becomes predictable and predicting that outcome can be grim.

The immediate problem and the same problem that has been lingering for several years?
We need a damn website that looks like it belongs in this decade. Why is that so difficult?
After several web designers, thousands of wasted dollars, or delivered acceptable product, the cycle of lather, rinse, repeat must be broken.
Our team saw no other solution than to cut our losses, accept a new set of challenges.

The objective?
Figure out how to resolve our problems in house and for virtually no extra money.

Step One
Take a breath and tell yourself that you can do it. Forget that you do not know or understand everything about creating a web site. After all, you have heard more than once that “I can create that site in 10 minutes” or various actor portrayals on many TV commercials boast that they will do it all for you. Creating and promoting a web site is only a few clicks away and costs nothing (until you read and understand the limitations and actual costs.)

Step Two
Jump in, ask questions, read as much as you can, watch videos, setup a demo lab or demo site, and start designing. Figure out what works and what doesn’t.
Learn what you can about the actual coding, but concentrate more on the content and design. Today setting up sites based on applications like WordPress do not cost much. The software is free and many hosting sites will allow you to install it. You may considering spending about $60 for a theme package. This will easily allow you to add the flash and eye candy that users are now expecting.
This step also includes staying organized and collecting quality images, videos and verbiage. But keep in mind that high resolution images and videos as well as page after page of text is not needed. Many users will not read more than a few sentences or even a few words. Pictures are worth 1000 words but in most cases, no one will notice if the resolution is low.

Step Three
Step back, admire your work knowing that you “hit the mark.” Start boasting that you are ready to “go live.” Start asking for comments. Review those comments and then smack yourself back into reality.

Step Four
Admit that sometimes doing it yourself is not the best solution. Be proud of all the hard work and new found skills but find that person or group that you trust. These will be the experts that have built several careers on proven success and experienced the same failures. Except their failures may have been several decades ago.
You can then either send this new party a check and trust that they resolve your issues, or be super thankful that you have excellent and lifelong friends that taken what you toiled on for more than a week and used their skills to tweak and hopefully deliver a nearly complete product…All without the guarantee of any rewards or financial gain.

Thanks a million Jeff at BizDelta.com! For now that is the best I can do. I hope to change that.

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