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Project Description

Vision Technical Group has a whole department dedicated to supporting our local communities.
This includes local Houses of Worship, private and public schools, higher education facilities, local theater groups and nearly anyone else that needs help with their show.

VTG never forgets that our client’s satisfaction is most important. We do whatever is needed. It doesn’t matter whether it’s one simple piece of equipment or the most complex system that our clients can imagine. VTG understands the importance of not only having a great and memorable event, but also customer satisfaction.

VTG has a long track record installing, servicing and supporting our community. Frequently we are called upon for many of the following:
Conventional lighting that may include ellipsoidal spots, fresnels, and pars.
Automated and intelligent lighting fixtures. Several models are available that are easy to use and deliver the punch that is expected from more costly and complicated instruments.
Several Haze based foggers are offered to increase the excitement that many lighting instruments produce.

VTG offers Audio systems that are small and self powered or large enough to fill any size venue.

Staging configurations can include multiple layers as well as all of the accessories such a stairs, hand rails and skirting.

Video monitors and projection adds even more to any production.

Project Details