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Project Description

Event produced by George P. Johnson

Cisco Live

Cisco Live is an annual event that brings together Information Technology professionals as well as many others in the high-tech industry.
Under the covers, there are many similarities with hardware and software that comprise computer networks and the equipment used in professional light and sound productions.
This includes the operating systems in our office computers and lighting consoles as well as the hardware, software and protocols that drive our office and production networks.

To be confident and have proven success requires more than just dedication. It also demands that everyone must consistently increase their own knowledge and skills.

This makes it even more exciting for Vision Technical Group. VTG is always working to test and implement the latest equipment. Our team consists of seasoned professionals that often use their own free time to work with and better understand the tools of their trade.

Staying on the cutting edge of our business’ technology ensures that our clients are always satisfied and have no worries or┬ástress when the planning and procurement begins on their next event.

Production for Cisco Live includes many facets ranging from smaller rooms and booths to large gatherings for thousands to the highly anticipated entertainment that concludes the event.
VTG plays a key role in every component.

These videos include our work.

VTG is proud to be part of Cisco Live 2015 in San Diego.

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